David Henderson, 1981, Amsterdam

My first acquaintance with the work of artist David Henderson was at Galery Vriend van Bavink in the beautiful center of Amsterdam. Acrylic and oilpaint on canvas . . . I was overwhelmed by an explosion of well balanced shapes and colors. This young artist, autodidact, was able to create a highly unusual relation between movement and stillness. His specific use of color and harmonic composition leaves an extraordinary impression on the eye of the beholder.

Recently I was in the opportunity to view his recent work. There, in all their clarity, hanging on the white wall, a selection of small jewels, acrylic on paper. And again, now on a smaller field, movement and vibration, shrouded in a wave of silence, fascinating . . . The work of this artist evokes, undeniably, a metaphysical image to me.

Perhaps we have to let go of our “condition humaine” for a brief moment to fully open up our mind for this intuitive work that appears to be an artistic reflection of a universe of absolute nature. Colorfull shapes, structures, frequencies, they tend to invite me into an increasingly deeper dreamlike state. Parts of Mahler’s “Urlicht” revive to me, becoming allmost tangible.

By the hand of this inspired artist, an unspoilt landscape manifests itself, deprived of chaos, a phenomenon of peaceful rest. This matter of paint and substrate offers a timeless dialogue between the intrinsic image and the consciousness of the observer. Paint on canvas and paper is what it is, but it could just as well be angels on canvas and paper…

The work of David Henderson is more than just fascinating, it attests of a special profundity. Undoubtedly we can expect to see much more of this promising artist in the future. With interest and modest impatience I am looking forward to see the expansion of his oeuvre.

Christiaan van Olmen, 2011